Women are mysteriously missing from D.C. think tanks’ foreign policy panels. Here’s the data.

In 2018, women made up 34 percent of experts featured on D.C. foreign policy panels. Fully 27 percent of the panels in our study included only male speakers.

Of the panels that included women, those women often served as the panel moderator, not as a speaker. Women moderators in the absence of women expert panelists perpetuates the idea that women can be gracious hosts but are not actually experts.

Washington Post, 23.8.2019

Gender Differences in Earnings and Leadership: Recent Evidence on Causes and Consequences
Gender gaps in earnings and leadership still persist. Women earn substantially less than men and are under-represented in leadership positions in firms and organisations more broadly. The presence and persis- tence of gender gaps in earnings and leadership is cause for great concern for both reasons of social jus-tice and efficiency.

ifo DICE Report

2/2017 June Volume 15

Missing in Action: The Absence of Women Scholars on Foreign Policy Panels

Georgetown Journal of International Affairs - March 2018

The D.C. think tank community is in fact far from being gender-balanced, especially when it comes to foreign policy. Expert-wise, only two out of the twenty-two think tanks reviewed have achieved gender parity among their scholars

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